The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 1

A crazy pen is wandering on drawing in everything she can find!
A white cat comes along and starts yelling at the pen to stop!

Cat: Stop drawing! Can’t you see that you can’t draw?
Pen: I’m going to draw! He! he! I’m in control!
Cat: (complaining) will you stop! You can’t draw! And you’re making my head dizzy!

Pen: I can’t stop! It’s party time!
Cat: Oh god!
Pen: yes! Like that is going to stop me! I can feel the ink going through me!
Cat: you can feel? You can’t feel anything! You’re a stinking pen! In order to feel you would have to be alive and you can’t be alive!
Pen: says who?
Cat: Aah… logics!
Pen: WHO?
Cat: Logics! You know! (getting angry) Logics!
Pen: what does he do?
Cat: IT is the thing that says that inanimate things aren’t alive!

The pen looks confused

Cat: For goodness sake Logics!
Pen: I heard you the first time! I just never met it!
Cat: (going crazy) you are not alive!
Pen: I never said I was alive!
Cat: oh no?
Pen: no! I’m possessed!

The cat puts his paws to his face in despair
Cat: you are such an idiot!
Pen: Thank you! Now can I go back to drawing?
Cat: No!
Pen: why not?
Cat: because you can’t draw!
Pen: and what? You can?
Cat: (embarrassed) no!
Pen: then shut up!
Cat: (now angry) don’t tell me to shut up you crazy pen!
Pen: Crazy! I’m crazy? You’re the one talking to a pen you big moron!

The cat looks around and ashamed turns away from the pen!
Cat: man I’ve got to stop drinking that red milk from Jason’s cup!

The end!!!

2015_joana teixeira


3 thoughts on “The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 1

  1. After reading your current episode, I decided to go back to the first episode and begin there. This is some really funny stuff. Your knack for clever, witty, downright rib cracking humor is refreshing among the sea of blogs I read. Wishing you the best of luck, and now I need to bookmark this blog 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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