The Drunken cat and the possessed pen!_episode 1

A crazy pen is wandering on drawing in everything she can find!
A white cat comes along and starts yelling at the pen to stop!

Cat: Stop drawing! Can’t you see that you can’t draw?
Pen: I’m going to draw! He! he! I’m in control!
Cat: (complaining) will you stop! You can’t draw! And you’re making my head dizzy!

Pen: I can’t stop! It’s party time!
Cat: Oh god!
Pen: yes! Like that is going to stop me! I can feel the ink going through me!
Cat: you can feel? You can’t feel anything! You’re a stinking pen! In order to feel you would have to be alive and you can’t be alive!
Pen: says who?
Cat: Aah… logics!
Pen: WHO?
Cat: Logics! You know! (getting angry) Logics!
Pen: what does he do?
Cat: IT is the thing that says that inanimate things aren’t alive!

The pen looks confused

Cat: For goodness sake Logics!
Pen: I heard you the first time! I just never met it!
Cat: (going crazy) you are not alive!
Pen: I never said I was alive!
Cat: oh no?
Pen: no! I’m possessed!

The cat puts his paws to his face in despair
Cat: you are such an idiot!
Pen: Thank you! Now can I go back to drawing?
Cat: No!
Pen: why not?
Cat: because you can’t draw!
Pen: and what? You can?
Cat: (embarrassed) no!
Pen: then shut up!
Cat: (now angry) don’t tell me to shut up you crazy pen!
Pen: Crazy! I’m crazy? You’re the one talking to a pen you big moron!

The cat looks around and ashamed turns away from the pen!
Cat: man I’ve got to stop drinking that red milk from Jason’s cup!

The end!!!

2015_joana teixeira


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